4th CONFERENCE OF ESREA NETWORK ON EDUCATION AND LEARNING OF OLDER ADULTS (ELOA) MYKOLAS ROMERIS UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION 23, 24, 25 OCTOBER 2013, VILNIUS, LITHUANIA LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR OLDER ADULTS: FORMS, PROVIDERS AND POLICIES CONFERENCE THEME The ongoing demographic transition processis considerably transforming populations in terms of their size, age composition, and structure of universal needs. The specific features of this process in Europe countries is depopulation and quite intensive population ageing, which causes a lot of multifaceted consequences for sustainable development of societies. Nowadays individuals live in a complex socials and political word. More than ever before, they want to plan their own lives, are expected to contribute actively to society, and must learn to live positively with cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity. The development of the process and the system of adult education has gained a particular importance in the world where demographic factors, namely, population ageing determine that people stay in the labour market longer, and the rapid development of technologies and information requires continuous learning. ELOA, emerges therefore as a discussion forum where a diverse range of issues regarding the knowledge on the education of the elderly and related experiences are shared. Within this framework, fourth ELOA international conference in Vilnius “Learning Opportunities for Older Adults: Forms, Providers and Policies” invites for discussion all interested groups: scientists, politicians, older learners, providers of adult education.

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