Is world really changing as fast as we think? Or is it event changing at all? Social transformations is a delicate topic for researchers. This year we invite You to look at processes which cause social transformations (or prove the static of societal tradition) in Your country and share it with us.

Our conference is not only about sharing research results, but about improving your skills as a researcher. Due to this, at the end of each day there will be a workshop for research skill development. Workshops will be held by respective researchers.

Master degree students, Masters and Doctoral degree students are invited to participate.

Participation forms:
Presenter with an article (in person or distant presentation)
Presenter without an article (in person or distant presentation)

Articles will be published in peer-reviewed proceedings with ISSN.

Best articles might be suggested to periodical research journals (journals’ editorial boards will organize extra peer-reviewing):
Social Technologies
Social Science Studies
Public Policy and Administration
Intellectual Economics
Business systems and economics
Health policy and management

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Event type International

Event theme: Social Sciences

Event starts: 2014-06-05

Registration ends: 2014-02-10

Abstract submision ends: 2014-02-10

Article submition ends: 2014-03-24

Event streams (themes):

Speaker fee: 70 EUR

Participant fee: 35 EUR

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