Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the MRU Conference System?

MRU Conference System is open for anyone. Mykolas Romeris University employees can use their login information while our guests and conference participants first of all need to register to the MRU Conference System.

Do I have to register to the MRU Conference System should I wish to take part at a specific conference?

Yes, you should register to the MRU Conference System first before registering to a specific conference. You need to register to the MRU Conference System only once. Then you will be able to take part at other conferences, receive messages and reminders about new academic events, submit abstracts and articles, view the presentations and other materials provided by other speakers.

How to register to a specific MRU academic event?

Once you login to the MRU Conference System, please press the button „Register“ on the event page. Then you can choose to register as a conference speaker or as a participant.

How to submit an abstract, article or a presentation?

First of all please register as conference speaker. Then press the button „Submit an abstract, article, presentation“ that is located at the bottom of the page. Please fill in the document title and leave a comment, should you request. Also, please choose a topic you would like to submit the document to and browse the document from your computer. After attaching the document please press the button „Send“. Then you will be redirected to the conference homepage and will be able to view the submitted article status.

What is the difference between conference webpage and website?

Conference website is a link to the event in the MRU Conference System. The conference webpage is designed for a specific academic event that includes all the information related to it.